Soraya Ravenle starred in a number of major musicals over the past years: “Dolores”, for which she won the best actress Shell award in 1999, “South American Way”, by Miguel Falabela and Maria Carmen Barbosa, “É com esse que eu vou” and “Sassaricando”, by Sérgio Cabral and Rosa Maria Araújo. In the musical “Era no Tempo de Rei”, by Heloísa and Julia Seixas, she received the Quality Brasil Award. She also starred in the musicals “Ópera do Malandro”, by Chico Buarque, “Opereta Carioca” (Opereta from Rio de Janeiro), by Gustavo Gasparani. In “Um violinista no telhado”(Fiddler on the Roof) and “Todos os musicais de Chico Buarque em 90 minutos” (Every musical by Chico Buarque in 90 minutes), in which she was nominated for the Reverence Award, Soraya worked with the renowned brazilian directors and producers Charles Moeller and Cláudio Botelho.

Soraya released her first solo album by Biscoito Fino in 2001, with songs by composer Paulo César Pinheiro and musical direction by Alfredo Del Penho. The album was selected for the “Brazilian Music Award” of that same year. She went on tour in Curitiba, Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.